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NeOn Enterprise Server

Enterprise Application Integration ("EAI") and network architecture

The backbone for TelAthena, which enables disparate systems and different classes of users to interact and exchange data seamlessly.


Connects to any Computer Supported Telecommunication Applications (CSTA)-compliant switch.

Outbound, Inbound, Call Transfer, Conference, Recording, Web


API collection which allows access to all of the TelAthena business logic and functionality programmatically

API/JNI calls from Visual Studio, Silverlight, C++, ASP/JSP.


With our hosted services model, we supply the server, telephony, data and campaign management.

Options: data collection and storage; data collection and storage with telephony; telephony only.

About Us

Launched as one of the world’s first commercial Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) systems in 1983, TelAthena’s users have logged over 1 billion production hours in contact centers worldwide. Our clients have included Fortune 500 companies as diverse as DuPont, Circuit City, GTE, British Telecom, Nissho Electronics and Walker Information, from the Market Research, Fundraising, Telemarketing, Customer Service, and Financial Services industries.