Enterprise Application Integration (“EAI”) and network architecture backbone for TelAthena, which enables disparate systems and different classes of users to interact and exchange data seamlessly.
Connects to any Computer Supported Telecommunication Applications (CSTA)-compliant switch.
Outbound, Inbound, Call Transfer, Conference, Recording, Web.
API collection which allows access to all of the TelAthena business logic and functionality programmatically through API/JNI calls from Visual Studio, Silverlight, C++, ASP/JSP.
Data cubes use web-centric On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) technology to deliver a near instant ability to spot calling trends and create profiles integrating several dimensions of campaign data.
Web-based dashboard displays of campaign and interviewer status.
4GL GUI development environment for creating agent scripts. Can create scripts for Windows, Web, and character based terminals simultaneously, all while supporting on the fly changes.