Hosted Services

With our hosted services model, we supply the server, telephony, data and campaign management. You supply only the call representatives, and pay a per-minute charge only on connected calls. You can choose between preview and predictive dialing, inbound call routing, call conferencing, transferring, recording, and IVR. Our hosted services are ideal for businesses whose calling cycles are seasonal, or who wish to save hardware, software and related infrastructure costs. With continuous network availability and enough capacity to accommodate peaks in traffic, TelAthena's Data Center is equipped with redundant fiber connections that offer flexible bandwidth options, burstable capacity on demand and no single point of failure. TelAthena's Data Center is located at the Brooklyn Army Terminal. Originally designed as an ammunition depot, the Brooklyn Army Terminal is considered blast proof as it has 13 inch thick steel reinforced concrete floors and walls. It is conveniently reachable by NYC Transit and the NY Waterway Ferry Service. Onsite parking is available.


Data collection and storage
Data collection and storage with telephony
telephony only.


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24/7 Monitoring
24/7 Access
Fire Suppression
Redundant UPS
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Disaster Recovery Facilities
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Virtual Server
Business Continuity
Remote Access
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